Code of Conduct


The Association of Lakeshore Pools (ALPs) is a community-oriented organization that sponsors youth aquatic activities emphasizing fun, fair play and sportsmanship. Part of our mission is to enhance every participant’s enjoyment of the aquatic experience. To better achieve this goal, we are implementing a Code of Conduct for all participants in ALPs.

The Code of Conduct is a written contract between athletes, parents, coaches and officials to abide by the rules and regulations as well as maintain a cooperative attitude and uphold the ideals of fair play and sportsmanship. This contract is more than just paper; it is the essence of the goals and objectives and thus, adherence to it is of primary importance.

Children who wish to participate on teams sanctioned by ALPS and their parents are required to understand and agree to this Code of Conduct.


Parents and spectators must set the example for the children by exemplifying the highest standards of sportsmanship. They will participate by watching, cheering and supporting the efforts of all athletes. Sports must be FUN. The event is for the children – their participation and enjoyment is the most important element.

  1. Parents & spectators have responsibilities to the coach, team and club they are part of.
  2. Parents & spectators must have respect for their coach, all children on the team, both their own and the visitors’, and the officials. They will not harass, abuse or berate the officials during or after an event. They shall not access the restricted area of the pool deck without an official’s permission.
  3. Parents & spectators are expected to have respect for the coach; they should never criticize a coach in a public manner.
  4. Parents & spectators are expected to have respect for all the players.
  5. Parents & spectators are not to use foul or abusive language towards anyone for any reason.
  6. Parents & spectators have a responsibility to learn the rules of the sport.
  7. Parents & spectators are encouraged to get involved with the organization and to promote the sport in a positive manner.
  8. Parents & spectators must demonstrate the utmost in sportsmanship and integrity; they are the role models for their children.


Athletes participate for fun, to learn and to develop a passion for the sport as well as to improve their skills. Athletes are representative of the club as well as the team, coach, parents and community. Athletes, coaches and officials must maintain a high level of sportsmanship and fair play. Athletes must have respect for their coach, opponents and the authority of the officials.

  1. Athletes, coaches and officials will participate within the rules of ALPS and spirit of the sport.
  2. Athletes, coaches and officials are expected to arrive on time and be prepared for events and training sessions.
  3. Athletes, coaches and officials will display self-control in all situations and will not use foul or abusive language at any time.
  4. Athletes will train and participate to the best of their ability, have positive attitude and encourage others to do the same.
  5. Athletes and coaches will show respect towards the officials as well as towards opponents. They will not harass, abuse or berate an official for any reason.

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